Randall decides to keep overpayments of $5 or less

Randall will keep overpayments of property tax bills of $5 or less, after an ordinance adopted Thursday.

The measure passed by a 3 to 1 vote, with no vote Supervisor Ken Mangold voicing strong objections to the new procedure. Supervisor Bob Gehring was absent.

I think it stinks,” Mangold said. “It may be $5, but the money doesn’t belong to us.”

Chairman Bob Stoll pointed out the county has a similar procedure and that the money will not just be used to fatten the town’s coffers, but to make up for people who pay their bills short.

Town Treasurer Carol Haas said the town had about $20 total in overpayments this year.

Supervisor Rose Nolan also pointed that under the  ordinance, those making an overpayment are still able to request a refund of the overpaid amount.


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  1. Barbara Andres says:

    Supervisor Mangold is sooooooooo right on this. This is more about the principles of honesty and integrity; right and wrong than it is about the actual dollars being kept. The money does not belong to the township, it belongs to the taxpayer and should be returned. At the very least, issue a credit on the following years taxes.
    Keep money from people who obey the law; pay their taxes to cover for people who break the law and do not pay in full. REDISTRIBUTION!! What are you thinking Mr. Stoll? Start looking for another job.

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