Silver Lake Village Board hears gas appliance presentation

The Silver Lakes Village Board heard an extensive presentation from the representative of a resident who wants to keep fueling his compressed natural gas vehicles on his residential property in the village.

But the board took no action at its regular meeting Wednesday on the issue. Consequently, Bob Wincek’s natural gas refueling appliance remains without a gas supply. The service was cut off to the appliance by We Energies after resident complaints and natural gas leakage was detected by the village Fire Department, said village President Roger Johnson.

Wincek was represented at the meeting by resident Dave Borntrager, who gave  talked about the economic and practical advantages of running vehicles on compressed natural gas.

Compressed natural gas can fuel a properly equipped car at about the same  performance as a gasoline vehicle, but at about a dollar less per gallon, based on current pump prices.

“You would never know its a natural gas vehicle,” Borntrager said. Natural gas also has the advantage of being in plentiful supply currently in the U.S.

But since Wincek’s refueling appliance was cut off he now has to travel to Racine to fill his vehicles’ tanks.

Some trustees asked a few questions after the presentation, but no board action was taken.

Johnson said the presentation was mostly intended as an opportunity for Wincek’s neighbors to attend and learn about his intentions, but no one from the neighborhood apparently attended.

The refueling device Wimeck was using is permitted under village codes and international gas code, said Royce Kennedy, village building inspector.


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  1. Karen says:

    The concept of fueling automobiles with natural gas is a brilliant solution to the foreign dependence on petroleum problem Although “Nat Gas” stations are not available nation-wide yet, it is something that demand would force. Home fueling appliances would popularize Nat Gas cars to the point that “gas” stations could afford the infrastructure to provide the fuel. There are already 13 Nat Gas stations in Wisconsin. Demand would create a viable alternative to gasoline.

    Nat Gas burns 60% cleaner than gasoline. Nat Gas cars are here and NOW available, not a “sometime-in-the-future” invention. Batteries will never fuel the engines needed to haul freight in semi-trailer trucks. The power for that will have to come from Nat Gas, if we are to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    Home fueling appliances will facilitate the need for “gas” stations to meet our Nat Gas needs.

    I urge support of the Nat Gas Act of 2009. Please contact your Senators and Representatives to support H.R. 1835 and S. 1350.

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