Linda Feldkamp retires after 42.5 years with Farm Service Agency

Linda Feldkamp retired today after a long career helping Kenosha County farmers at the USDA Farm Service Agency office in Union Grove.

How long? 42.5 years.

“We can read handbooks and procedures until we’re blue in the face, but the knowledge she’s taking with her is irreplaceable,” said Kimberly M. Iczkowski, county executive director, Racine Kenosha Milwaukee FSA Office.

We stopped by the office and chatted with Linda on her last day. Here’s what she had to say about what has and has not changed in the local farming scene, what she will be doing in retirement and other topics:



  1. Greg S. says:

    What a great lady. Congratulations Linda! 42+ years is something to really be proud of!

  2. Karen Wack-Zirbel says:

    Outstanding. Great job taking the time to showcase an incredible person.

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