Salem School fifth graders donate $2,550 to Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief

Alyson Davis' fifth grade class at Salem School organized a coin challenge last week that raised $2,550 for Haiti earthquake relief. They collected coins each morning last week./Submitted photo

Wonder how far the $2,550 in pennies, nickels, quarters, dime and bills Alyson Davis’ fifth grade class collected will go toward helping people in earhquake sricken Haiti?

If the money were all to be used for food, at 30 cents a meal, it could feed 8,500 people there, the class was told by Red Cross representative Kurt Worden.

Davis students came up with the idea of raising money for Haiti earthquake victims. Davis suggested a coin challenge, which the students conducted last weekand named “Save a Penny, Save a Life.”

The $2,550 raised was more than anyone anticipated.

“As a class that’s what we truly had talked about, let’s get really excited if we raise $500 or $600,” Davis said. “We really blew that away this time.”

Worden came to the school Monday to pick-up the check. He thanked the students for their efforts.

“Your class rocks,” Worden told Davis’ students. “You can go back to class feeling very good in your hearts.”

Here’s some video of Worden explaining to the students some of  Red Cross’ efforts in Haiti:

Grades K-5 principal Shawn Waller also praised the students. He asked Davis’ students, who counted all of the collected cash, if they were still seeing pennies in their dreams. Some said yes.

“You did all the dirty work and now it’s paying off,” Waller said.

But perhaps no one was prouder of the students than Davis.

“They did a great job,” Davis said to a reporter before turning back to her class and adding “I’m so proud of you.”

Alyson Davis and her fifth grade class at Salem School pose with a mock check signifying the $2,550 the class raised for Haiti earthquake relief.


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  1. The Haitian people has my condoloences. The recent earthquake was a tragedy.

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