New Bristol town and village boards installed

Bristol — in both of its municipal forms — took a significant step tonight toward clarifying its present split personality.

The village of Bristol’s first ever president and village board were sworn in tonight before a village board meeting.

A little later, a new town chairman was selected and three town supervisor positions were filled on the town board.

After the flurry of swearing ins and appointments, the town and village board have members who all live in their respective jurisdictions for the first time since the northwest portion of the town was incorporated as a village Dec. 1.

Here is video of first ever village President Richard Gossling taking the oath of office from county Clerk of Courts Rebecca Matoska-Mentink:

Ruth Atwood, Mike Farrell, Carolyn Owens, Lisa Hendricks, William Glembocki and Alfreda Bradford were sworn in as trustees. They were elected last  Tuesday. Here’s a photo of the new Village Board from early in their meeting:

Bristol's first Village Board recites the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of their Jan. 25, 2010 meeting. From left are: Ruth Atwood, Mike Farrell, Carolyn Owens, Richard Gossling, Lisa Hendricks, William Glembocki and Alfreda Bradford.

The official seating of former town officials Gossling, Carolyn Owens and Ruth Atwood on the Village Board meant the town chairman position and two supervisors slots were open on the Town Board. After the Village Board meeting, the two remaining Town Board members, Colleen Fisch and John McCabe along with town Clerk Amy Klemko set about filling up that board with four appointments.

First, Fisch was appointed as chairman. Here is some video of her taking the oath of office from Klemko:

Fisch, McCabe and Klemko then appointed Noel Elfering, Joan Peterson and Alex Destefano the the open supervisor positions. Here’s a photo of the new Town Board:

Members of the new Bristol Town Board are: Joan Peterson, Noel Elfering, Colleen Fisch, Alex Destefano and John McCabe.

But the town officials’ terms may be short. The village has petitioned the circuit Court for a town-wide referendum to have the town mass annexed into the village. A date for that vote has not been set yet. If successful, the just appointed Town Board members would be out of office, a situation some of them welcomed.

“I want to get everybody in the village and then I’d like to be dismissed,” Elfering said.

The former Town Board had also been acting as an interim village board from December until tonight.


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