Salem to seek safety devices at school crossing on Highway 83

Restoring a flashing yellow light — and perhaps adding a more modern sign showing the speed of individual passing vehicles — will be sought by the Salem Town Board for a crossing for Salem School on Highway 83.

Town administrator Patrick Casey said the town plans to seek placement of both of those devices from the state Department of Transportation. Highway 83 is a state highway.

There used to be a flashing yellow light at the crossing point, but it is no longer there, said Chairman Linda Valentine.

Public safety Officer David Shortess said the town has been tracking speed in the area recently and findingĀ  a lot of people traveling in excess of the 25 mph school zone limit.

“Very rarely do you have people driving the speed limit at that crosswalk,” Shortess said.

However, writing tickets is difficult because the officer issuing the ticket must also document the presence of children on the sidewalk for the 25 mph speed limit to be in effect, Shortess said. The regular speed limit is 35 mph on the road; in the area of the crosswalk the speed limit is 25 mph when children are present during school hours.

Lately the town’s officers have been giving warnings for drivers traveling up to 15 mph over the school zone limit, Shortess said.

Signs that show speed being traveled are particularly effective in creating awareness, Casey said.


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