Twin Lakes police Officer Wayne Trongeau retires after 37 years

Retiring Twin Lakes police Officer Wayne Trongeau (center) chats with a well wisher at an open house Friday in his honor at Village Hall. To Trongeau's right is village administrator David Cox.

An open house was held at Twin Lakes Village Hall this evening in honor of police Officer Wyane Trongeau, who retired today after 37 years on the force.

The meeting chamber was filled with a steady stream of well wishers.

Here is some video from the event:

Village President Howard Skinner read and presented a proclamation in Trongeau’s honor:

Chief Dale Racer had a few words to say about Trongeau’s importance to the police force:

The chief also presented a certificate to Trongeau from state Attorney General J.B. van Hollen.

Perhaps the most emotional speech came from longtime Sgt. Bob Santelli:

After the formalities, Trongeau took the mike and reminisced:

One of the lighter moments of the evening came when a fishing buddy of Trongeau’s told this story:


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  1. Jonathan Formhals says:

    Wayne was one of the best street cops I ever met. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of my early years learning from him, as well as Frank Zembal and Dan Chlebos. I’ve no doubt that I’m personally responsible for more than a few of the hairs they’ve lost over the years. In hindsight, I started with TLDP a few years too early and made some dumb mistakes, but those remain some of the high points of my life. There was nothing like Twin Lakes in those years and they had a top notch police department that went largely unrecognized. Enjoy your retirement, Wayne. You sure earned it.

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