Bristol makes more village/town moves

Though starting a process that could result in Bristol being one municipality again was the headline, the Bristol village and town boards in the meantime took a number of other actions — most exact duplicates — Monday aimed at allowing the two municipalities to act essentially as one.

The actions are necessary since the village of Bristol was created in November out of a part of the town of Bristol. Until officials can be seated that live in each municipality the existing Town Board continues to act as the both the Town Board and the interim Village Board. Three of the board members — Chairman Rich Gossling, Supervisor Ruth Atwood and Supervisor Carolyn Owens — live in the new village. The others — Supervisors John McCabe and Supervisor Colleen Fisch — live in the town. In this transition period, the same people acting as the Town Board first meet and then convene as the Village Board and conduct another meeting.

Much of the intended sharing of  services and personnel between the village and town is set to be defined by a comprehensive intergovernmental agreement. However, both entities voted to table consideration of that document after attorney William White explained that it has not been completed yet. In general, the agreement will call for most assets and personnel to belong to the village with the town contracting for the services it needs.

Other actions related to the transition taken by the town and village boards included:

  • Approving joint use of what is now the town’s website.
  • Approving to change town employees to village employees.
  • Approving the transfer of impact connection fees to the village, except in areas that are still in the town.
  • Approving the use of the town’s postage meter, copier and fax machine for the village.
  • Approving transfer of licenses in the village to the village.
  • Approving the transfer of the Parks and Recreation Board from the town to the village. Town/village administrator Randy Kerkman explained that the vast majority of park land is in the new town, including all of the facilities that require regular expenditures for facility maintenance.
  • Adopting the town land use plan as the village land use plan.

The Village Board also took the following transition related actions:

  • Appointing Amy Klemko as village Plan Commission secretary and village clerk.
  • Approving a dog catcher for the village.
  • Approving the town fire department’s ambulance billing company for the village.

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