Injured Twin Lakes assist. fire chief recovering well

The above slide show was created by Al Stolp’s sisters Laurie Gauger and Kathy O’Day. It was shown at the community benefit for Stolp held Dec. 5.

The last thing Al Stolp of Twin Lakes remembers about the morning of Oct. 10 was that a branch in the tree he was working in started to give way.

What he doesn’t remember is the 40-foot fall to the ground, the efforts to treat his massive injuries by the Twin Lakes Rescue Squad, the medical helicopter flight to Froedert hospital and the next few days in the hospital.

Just because he doesn’t remember those efforts doesn’t mean he’s doesn’t appreciate them. And when he did regain consciousness he started the battle back that has gone well enough to have him now hoping to go back to work as soon as this spring.

“It truly was a life-changing experience for me,” Stolp said.

The tally of Stolp’s injuries is mind-boggling. He broke a leg in three spots. He broke 11 of his 12 ribs. He had multiple internal injuries

Stolp is recovering at home now and getting around with a walker or wheelchair. But he credits the benefit held on Dec. 5 by the fire department, where he is an assistant chief, and friends as being a big part of his recovery — at least when it comes to peace of mind.

“People were very generous and I think we’re going to be set for my time off,'” said Stolp, who is married and has three children. “I want to thank anyone who has had anything to do with setting it up.”

“The event was so overwhelming,” Stolp said of the benefit that packed The Sands in Twin Lakes. “I had the time of my life. I wish I had had more time to speak to everyone.”

Seeing his colleagues from the fire department also was very emotional, and continues to be when he sees colleagues around town.

“I’m on the rescue squad. Going out on calls I’ve seen  lot of this, but from being on the other end, I can’t thank my friends enough,” Stolp said. “When I see those people from the rescue squad it brings tears to my eyes.”

The doctors have told Stolp he can realize about a 99 percent recovery. Right now, he is planning to go back to work for the Twin Lakes Pubic Works Department in March or April.


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