Salem Town Board defers 256th Avenue stop signs request; will increase enforcement

A Salem resident’s quest to place stop signs at three intersections along 256th Avenue has been deferred by the Salem Town Board until June 2010.

But the board did direct the town’s public safety officer to increase patrol of the area, including tracking speed of drivers and issuing tickets. The town recently acquired equipment to record vehicles’ speed with the intention of doing additional enforcement where needed.

Jennifer Donat presented  a petition in October looking for stop signs to be placed at 256th Avenue’s intersections with 93rd Street  and 100th Street, but also added a sign at the entrance and exit to the town’s new community park might be needed in the future. She said she is concerned about traffic traveling well beyond the 35 mph speed limit on the stretch.

Mike Murdock, highway superintendent, at Monday’s Town Board meeting, said he did not find justification for the stop signs in the code that the town follows for traffic controls.

“In my opinion, enforcement is the solution,'”Murdock said.

She has complained to the sheriff’s department about speeding on the road enough in the past that she says supervisors there know her name, Donat said. When deputies write tickets there, vehicles slow down for about two weeks, she added.

“The way I see it it’s a cut through,” Donat said of why people speed down the road.

Chairman Linda Valentine called for the matter to be taken up by the board again in June.

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