Central School Board gets update on Homecoming, Winter Formal and charity work from Student Council

Central High School Student Council members Cathy Richards and Neelpreet Toor give a report on their group’s recent activities to the Central High School Board at the regular board meeting Tuesday night.

Here they report on Homecoming:

Here they report on the upcoming Winter Formal:

Here they report on recent charitable work by the council:


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  1. Tom Reilly says:

    This is the kind of student activity that needs to be heard by everyone. I was overwhelmed by their community outreach. They had a laundry list that reached almost every sector in need of help or assistance.

    So “thank you so much” for your efforts to help the people and the community. And you know what the great part is, these kids will continue on in their adult years to know about the needs of others, their neighbor, community and church and will contribute to make their communities a great place to live.

    Congratulations to all who helped assisted in these programs.

    Tom Reilly

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