Highway 50 and B intersection expected to open Dec. 11

The Highway 50 and Highway B intersection work is expected to be completed by Dec. 11,  a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation say.

“In fact, the lights should begin flashing on Tuesday, if weather holds,” said Dennis Shook, WisDOT, regional communications manager. If that happens, the signals would then be completely operable by next Friday.

Indeed, installation of the poles for lighting and the signals appeared to be well underway late Thursday afternoon:

The work began in July and was first expected to be completed in November.

The delays in the project were due to a combination of bad weather and soil conditions, Shook said.



  1. Matt says:

    Bad weather conditions??? Are these workers from Phoenix Arizona, or Florida? We have had some of the best weather in THIS area in a long time. My opinion is that these guys just don’t want to work. They got their money, and now they are going to try and spread it out as much as possible.
    I drive past there everyday to see progress (since I live so close and it’s getting miserable having to drive 7 miles one way just to get out of town) and there have been days in the 50’s with SUN and NO ONE WAS THERE!!! REALLY???? BAD WEATHER???? I have a few bad words for whoever is responsible for blaming weather on this project. If this project is not completed soon, you will begin seeing traffic go through there ANYWAY!!! We are beginning to not care anymore… I’ll move those traffic signs out of the way and just drive through!! This is getting very old, VERY QUICK!!!!

  2. Joan Lathrop says:

    I know it’s a pain having to drive all around on F just to get into Silver Lake. Get it done already before Christmas so I don’t have to deal with when I visit my family.

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