Twin Lakes considering what to do with dam

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An update Monday from engineers hired by Twin Lakes to look at improvements to the dam that controls water levels on lakes Mary and Elizabeth suggested any modification of the current situation  might bring only a few less no-wake days for considerable cost.

Vince Mosca, vice president of Hey and Associates, explained the largest factor in controlling lake levels in the village has already come from the removal of an illegal dam downstream of Lake Elizabeth. With the dam removed, and a fairly wet summer and spring, lake levels in the village were good this year.

When lake levels get too high, no-wake orders are issued that restrict the speed at which boats can travel.

Modeling shows that with the current dam, the village could expect 15 days of no wake for a 100-year storm, said Dave Kraft, from Hey.

Modifications to the dam, such as the creation of a concrete spillway, might improve that result during major storms, but perhaps only a few days considering the area the village has to work with.

“In good conscience, we can’t say it’s going to be a good solution,” Mosca said.

The Village Board asked Hey to comeback with some cost estimates for modifying the dam to allowable levels and what the benefit might be as to fewer no-wake days.


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