Randall Plan Commission has some questions

The Randall Plan Commission submitted a draft of a questionnaire to be distributed to every town resident.

The wide ranging survey touches on topics from land and lake use to yard waste and fighting off annexation.

randall-logoThe Plan Commission has been working on the questionnaire for months. Thursday it recommended that the Town Board accept its draft. The idea is to gather town resident opinion to guide future policy and action.

“We think the Town Board should implement this,” said commission Chairman Charles Gitzinger.

The lone vote against forwarding the questionnaire to the Town Board was cast by Bob Gehring. who is a member of the Plan Commission and the Town Board.

Gehring said he voted no because he suggested a question that was not included in the draft.

Gitzinger pointed out that as a supervisor, Gehring will have another chance to make his case.

“He didn’t convince us to put it on; maybe he can convince them,” Gitzinger said.

Town Chairman Bob Stoll said the board will consider the questionnaire at its next meeting.

Here is a copy of the draft questionnaire.


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