Salem students move cup stacking event toward record

Students sport stack away at Salem School Thursday evening.

Students sport stack away at Salem School Thursday evening.

Salem School added over 60 students to the World Sport Stacking Association’s quest to set a new world.

The effort was sanctioned by the Guiness World Record people and was taking place across the world today. Last year’s event racked up 222,560 stackers.

Sport or cup stacking is an activity where people stack up and down cups in prescribed patterns, trying to see how fast they can complete the task. Supporters of the activity say it promotes hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, quickness and concentration. And it’s fun, they add.

Organizers of the event were pleased with the Salem turnout, saying they were hoping for 50 participants. The school has a cup stacking club, but students who are not in the club could also participate Thursday. For example, a Brownie troop attended as part of their regular meeting, boosting the numbers and letting the girls earn a  badge in the process.

Each participant was asked to register so their name could be added to the world record tally. The totals for the worldwide effort are not known yet.

Here’s some video of the stackers in action:


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