Owner of property targeted for razing asks for more time

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This Goolge Maps Streetview shows the property at 25510 89th St.

A representative of the family that owns a house and barn in Salem targeted for razing  by the town government will get more  time to perhaps repair or move the structures on the property.

Michael Hart spoke at a hearing on the razing of the property at 25510 89th St. He acknowledged that the property, owned by relatives of his, is in disrepair, but he asserted the house is salvageable and he’d like more time to address the town’s concerns.

“It’s an eyesore, I’ll admit that,” Hart said. “The structure is sound. It’s not going to fall down tomorrow.”

The home and barn on the property are over 100 years old, Hart said. At one time it was a working dairy farm. About 12 years ago, Hart’s uncle died and the home on the property was rented for awhile. After some bad tennants, the family stopped renting the property. The owners of record according to the town are Carole Heath, Jacqueline Heath, and Joan Fortner.

Building inspector Jack Rowland cited several problems in a report on the property, Hart said, which Hart acknowledged were correct. However, Hart contended the repairs could be done for less than Rowland’s estimate.

“I need more time; I haven’t spoken to Jack Rowland,” Hart said.

The Town Board voted unanimously to give Hart 60 days to address the situation.


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