New Approach to Collecting Educational Data

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Forget mandatory workshops. Professional growth plans are changing the way Wilmot Union High School looks at learning.

School Principal Chris Trottier demonstrated the school’s new system of professional development and improved learning for both staff and students.

The Charlotte Danielson approach is a personalized professional growth plan for new and seasoned educators. Teachers outline their own goals, set their own timetables for learning, detail the process, and focus on areas of improvement and finally, document and share their results.

“When I became Principal, I wanted to look at how we were doing by assessing what we were doing well and how best to collaborate with the teaching staff,” said Trottier. “This Charlotte Danielson plan, which began using in June has improved our lives and given us better feedback.”

Through the computer software program, teachers and staff are able to monitor lesson sessions and evaluate how well the goals are met, the overall student learning, and effectiveness during the allotted time. Unique with the program is the ability to individually tailor it to specific classes and students, such as special education.

Data is collected and utilized in graphs, observations and is integral for evaluating effective teaching methods.

“We are very happy with the program and it allows us to sit with the teacher and say, ‘Here is what your lessons look like,’” said Trottier. “The teachers are very receptive to the program. We have one for new teachers and one for professionals that have been teaching for three years or more.”


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