Trevor-Wilmot referendum passes

The Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School District referendum passed 231 to 219 today.

The referendum sought the authority to borrow $11.380 million to fund an addition to Trevor School. With the addition all students could be moved to the Trevor building.

Board members have said the timing is apt for the addition because financing exists now that could have as much as a third of the project funded at 0 percent interest. In addition, the Wilmot building is in need of significant repairs and has temporary classrooms in use for which certification from the county is due to lapse soon. The county has indicated they do not wish to renew that certification.



  1. valentine says:

    I heard nothing at the Board of Adjustments last year that indicated that they would not renew certification this year or in coming years.

  2. observer says:

    Dear valentine- quit stirring the pot. You have been elected to a leadership position. You now need to lead and to unite the community and bring professionalism to the town government.

    You were an effective community critic. You are now an elected government official, yet you remain the critic, the pot stirrer. If you never transition to a leader you will only divide our community further.

    Use your platform to lead with honor, professionalism and skill, leave the pot stirring to individual citizens.

  3. Clarification: School officials have said that their feedback from the county was the county did not want to re-certify the mobiles.

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