Bristol to encourage employees of Main Street businesses to park at Town Hall

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The Bristol Town Board has come up with a couple of strategies to try to ease the Main Street (199th Avenue) parking crunch.

Town administrator Randy Kerkman reports that the town will be encouraging businesses there to have employees park in the Town Hall parking lot. Letters will be sent to the  effected businesses urging that course of action.

Also, the town will institute alternate side parking during winter months from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to facilitate plowing in the area, hopefully keeping more on-street parking open.

The issue first arose in August, when Supervisor Ruth Atwood noted the Bristol Post Office, which is on the street, will soon be taking on additional routes, which will mean more parking demand in the area during the day. About 25 people attended a Town Board meeting in September that dealt with the issue.


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