Wheatland Center School referendum passes

i-votedThe Wheatland Center School tax levy referendum passed 193 to 163.

The vote will allow the district to continue to exceed its state revenue limit by $300,000 for four more years.

Here’s the breakdown of the vote by municipality:

  • Wheatland 172 yes, 143 no.
  • Salem 19 yes, 14 no.
  • Randall 2 yes, 2 no.
  • Brighton 0 yes, 4 no.

UPDATE: Board President Christopher Serak had the following to say about the referendum results:

It is great to live in a community that comes out and supports its schools especially in tough economic times. A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers that worked hard to get the word out on why we needed to continue the current level of funding at the school. The School Board remains committed to balancing responsible fiscal management with the educational demands of today’s world.”


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