Tractor traffic

You knew it was Farmer Day of Central High School Homecoming week if you got behind this group as they left school this afternoon:

As I was taping this I had to wonder: How will this work with a roundabout?



  1. Michelle Shramek says:

    This is great! I was wondering if anyone knew what year this started? I know that Farmer day was a big hit when I went to Central 20 years ago and we had tractors driving to school when hwy 50 was 2 lanes.

  2. Michelle, I’m not much help. I have lived here 17 years, and I pretty much remember it being done all that time. Anyone else know how and when Farmer Day and tractor transportation got started?

  3. katie kreye says:

    This is the beat day of the year i think. we love dressing up in all are farm clothes and show our true selves i am a sophomore and im always exited for farmer day.

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