Bristol considering solutions to Main Street parking

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Solutions to a lack of parking in the town’s Main Street (199th Avenue) area are being considered by the Bristol Town Board.

The issue first arose last month when Supervisor Ruth Atwood raised it after noting that the Bristol Post Office, which is on the street, will soon be taking on additional routes which will mean more parking demand in the area during the day.

About 25 people attended Monday’s meeting, most apparently because of the parking issue.

The matter was tabled last month by the board and resurrected this month. Chairman Rich Gossling said the board wanted to hear any ideas from the public, and several audience members did make comments. Among the possible solutions discussed wee:

Opening some parking at Town Hall for employees of Main Street businesses.

Doris Magwitz, who lives on the street, said she would be willing to sell a lot to be used for parking. Town administrator Randy Kerkman said that could provide nine parking spaces. Kerkman also said he has had no luck locating a grant program the town could use to buy the lot.

Supervisor Carolyn Owens suggested the town investigate buying a demolishing a multi-unit commercial building to the north of Town Hall, which has been vacant and for sale for awhile.

Some audience members also suggested that the Post Office could park more vehicles behind their building. Atwood, a Post Office employee, said that would cause logistical problems, but Owens and Supervisor John McCabe and a resident went to examine the space themselves after the meeting.

The board did not settle on a solution. Instead, Gossling said supervisors needed time to consider the solutions. The matter was re-tabled for consideration at a future meeting.


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