Randall adds support for keeping library board reps as is

The Randall Town Board Thursday added its name to the list of member municipalities that have formally endorsed keeping representation equal on the Community Library Board.

Randall Supervisor Rose Nolan was the only vote against the resolution. She did not give a reason for her opposition during the meeting.

The composition of the board has become controversial after it was discovered that state statutes appeared to require such a board to be apportioned by population of the municipalities engaged in a joint library board. Since 1992, the board has had two members from each of five municipalities. Based on the population standard, Salem would get four members, Twin Lakes three and Randall, Silver Lake and Paddock Lake one a piece.

Twin Lakes took a similar action Monday night.

Last week, the Salem Town Board passed a resolution instructing their attorney to investigate the legalities and another resolution supporting the current structure in the meantime. Salem Town Chairman Linda Valentine did not vote on the first resolution and voted for the second. She has said she has concerns about the municipalities violating state statutes.

But Randall Supervisor Ken Mangold said Thursday he was told by a Department of Public Instruction official the state would not enforce the population apportionment statute, unless one of the member municipalities sued.

Mangold said Silver Lake and Paddock Lake are expected to vote on similar resolutions at future meetings.


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