Ryan speaks about health care on MSNBC

If you’re still wondering what West of the I’s congressman, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, is thinking on the health care issue (that’s assuming you haven’t attended a town hall meeting or read the mail he’s sent you or seen one of his other TV appearances) he laid it out for the nation on MNBC’s Morning Joe show today.

Here’s the video:

If you’re not a watch the video type, here’s some quotes:

On what needs to be done:

“Let’s fix what’s broken in health care — because really there are things that are broken, without — without breaking what;’s working in health care.

On his recent round of town hall meetings, which included a overcapacity crowd at Paddock Lake Village Hall:

“Mine were really very civil actually. I had 17 and I shattered the attendance at my town halls.”

On what he heard at those meetings:

“What I did not see was some fringe right coming out. I saw real people, spontaneously coming out to talk to their congressman…”


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