Twin Lakes says formally: “Leave library board as is”

Photo by jppi via

Photo by jppi via

Salem town Chairman Linda Valentine asked for it and she got it.

The Twin Lakes Village Board passed a resolution Monday night endorsing keeping the make-up of the Community Library Board as is as far as the number of representatives from each municipality.

The composition of the board has become controversial after it was discovered that state statutes appeared to require such a board to be apportioned by population of the municipalities engaged in a joint library board. Since 1992, the board has had two members from each of five municipalities. Based on the population standard, Salem would get four members, Twin Lakes three and Randall, Silver Lake and Paddock Lake one a piece.

Valentine said at a meeting last week she is concerned about continuing in a configuration that conflicts with state statutes. But representatives of the other municipalities say the population standard was not in place in 1992 and might not apply to the Community Library.

Monday was Twin Lakes’ chance to make that position formal. President Howard Skinner said the motion was brought forward in reaction to Valentine’s request that each board act on the question.

“I felt, sure, I’ll be glad to do that for you,” Skinner said.

The motion passed unanimously.

Last week the Salem Town Board passed a resolution instructing their attorney to investigate the legalities and another resolution supporting the current structure in the meantime. Valentine did not vote on the first resolution and voted for the second.


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