Wheatland electors approve extra budget for road repairs

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Road re-paving in Wheatland this year is focused in the Lily Lake area.

A small group of Wheatland electors gave their approval Monday night to the town exceeding the previously set road budget.

With the unanimous approval, the town went from a $240,229 road budget to $500,000. The increase will allow the town to utilize funds it has on hand. Those additional funds include:

  • $162,200 balance of 2008 road improvement loan.
  • $41,640 prior years unused road funds.
  • $46,929 Urban Forestry Catastrophic Grant (This grant reimbursed money the town spent in the wake of the 2008 tornado.)
  • $10,798 in FEMA flood and snow grants.

“We didn’t know we would have this when we did the budget last year,” said Clerk Sheila Siegler.

Slated for repairs are:

  • 336th Avenue from 75th to 76th Street.
  • 337th Avenue from 75th to 76th Street.
  • 75th Street from Lily Lake Road to 337th Avenue.
  • 76th Street from 337th to 335th Avenue.

If there is additional funding available, 335th Avenue from 80th to 82nd Street may also be done, Siegler said. Strip paving to patch distressed spots on other roads may also be done.

Just before the vote, audience member Mark Karow suggested a longer range look at road repair needs.

“I would urge the town board to spend some time with their engineer … and work on a five-year plan,” Karow said.


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