Fishing to continue from Randall municipal piers

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This satellite view shows the Bayview piers.

If you like to fish from any of the Randall municipal piers — either at Bayview Park or the Department of Natural Resources launch on the northern end of Powers Lake — relax. The Town Board affirmed your ability to fish from those piers Thursday night.

The Town Board had considered a constituent’s request that fishing be restricted on piers that are also used for public boat launching. That complaint was aired at an earlier ¬† meeting.

But fishing from those piers proved to be very popular with others and there was no support for the ban amongst board members.

“I don’t want to be the one to tell the kids not to fish on those piers,” said Supervisor Mark Halvey.

Supervisor Rose Nolan said she received several communications on the subject, none in favor of the ban. Supervisor Ken Mangold gave a simple “no” when the ban was introduced and later attempted to make a motion to remove it from the agenda. Eventually Mangold, at Chairman Bob Stoll’s suggestion, instead made a motion to continue to allow fishing on the piers, which passed 5 to 0.

Plan Commission Chairman Charles Gitzinger also said he did not favor the ban, but he did raise the complaint that some fishermen that use the pier are messy, spreading tackle around and leaving bait containers and garbage when they leave. Stoll, a town firefighter, said he once treated someone at a town launch pier that had stepped on a discarded hook.

“I don’t want to stop anyone from fishing there, I fish there myself,” Gitzinger said. But the inconsiderate anglers, “…¬†make the piers a total obstacle course.”

Plan Commission member Doug Kimball suggested the water patrol occasionally check on the piers and ask messy fishermen to straighten up any excessive mess.

This view shows the DNR launch pier:

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