Fair merit awards announced

Shane McNeeley accepts his merit award certificate from Tedi Winnett, Kenosha County UW Extension, Sunday at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds. Looking on is incoming 4-H Council President

Shane McNealy accepts his merit award certificate from Tedi Winnett, director of Kenosha County UW Extension, Sunday at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds. Looking on is incoming 4-H Council President Jenny Daniels. All merit award winners were recognized in the ceremony on the last day of the fair.

Kenosha County Fair 2009 Junior Fair Merit Award winners have been announced.  The awards are given for outstanding junior fair projects outside of beef, prok, sheep, swine, poultry and rabbits.

Youth organization or 4-H club listed after the award winner’s name. The merit award winner for 2009 are:

Somers Chargers, 4-H Club Club Scrapbook.
Bristol Strivers, 4-H Club Robotics Exhibit.

Exploring — Samantha Serak,  Wheatland Willing Workers, Hand-made guitar; Alexazandria Ruchhoeft, Paris Happy Workers, bird feeder; Alex Klugiewicz,  Cub Scouts,        Exhibit of two rock creations.

Archery — Ben Epping, Wheatland Willing Workers, most improved score; Emily Turk, Wisconsin Pioneers, most consistent score; Lukas Kopczynski, Bristol Challenge, highest score above average.

Gardening — Madison Fenske, Wheatland Willing Workers, red cabbage; Christine Sosinski, Bristol Challenge, black berries; Christine Sosinski, Bristol Challenge, garlic; Crystal Dowe, Paris Happy Workers, zucchini; Lindsey Hebior, Somers Chargers, muskmelon; Michael Fenske, Wheatland Willing Workers, spaghetti squash.

Plants and Flowers — Sarah March,  Wheatland Willing Workers, succulent plant; Amanda Dagens, Wheatland Willing Workers, orchid; Sarah Fonk, Paris Happy Workers, cut flowers.

Natural Sciences — Andreanna Follensbee,   Bristol Challenge, Poster of fly material; Paul Halladay,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers, display of ice fishing.

Vet science — Taylor Mastrich, The Mustangs, Horse model; Amanda Boss, Paris Happy Workers, scrapbook; Abbey Chappell, Bristol Strivers, scrapbook; Haley Peterson Bristol Strivers, crate pal and toys; Hayley May, Bristol Challenge, display.

Mechanics — Michael Towle,   Trail Blazers, model plane; Corbin Bevry,  Paris Happy Workers, rocket/not flown; Emily Swanson, Bristol Strivers, rocket/flown.

Woodworking — Joseph Walsh,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers, woodworking slevins.

Foods — Abbey Severt,  Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, chunky potato soup; Emily Walter, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, snack pizza; Cassandra Krikau, Paris Happy Workers, Ling’s dumplings; Megan Reddin, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, rotinni and summer vegetables; Abbey Severt,   Slades Corners Lucky Clovers,  eggs; Lorraine Taylor Bergles, Paris Happy Workers, canned peaches; Camille Tracey, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Italian wedding soup; Erin Leise,   Bristol Strivers, meatball appetizer; Lindsey Hebior, Somers Chargers,  angel food deluxe; Rachel Vanderwerf, Brighton Bombers/Explorers, beef tenderloin/wine sauce; Haley Hansen,   Wheatland Willing Workers, canned pear sauce.

Cake decorating — Jeanne Paulaski, Bristol Challenge, clown cupcakes; Michelle Knapp, Wheatland Willing Workers, tiered cake; Andrea Muhlenbeck, Paris Happy Workers, snowman cake; Crystal Dowe, Paris Happy Workers, toy soldier cake.

Sewing — Andrea Muhlenbeck, Paris Happy Workers, pillowcase; Abbey Severt, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, dress; Jessica Schuen, Paris Happy Workers, top and pants; Taylor Matrisch,   The Mustangs, western shirt; Abbey Severt, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, machine quilted quilt.

Fashion Explosion-sewing — Corinn Favaro, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, apron; Abbey Severt,  Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, top and skirt; Elena Schleusner,  Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, top and pants; Mackenzie Bevry, Paris Happy Workers, dress; Breann McCarty, Cross-State Clovers, top and skirt; Crystal Dowe, Paris Happy Workers, jacket; Amanda Dagens, Wheatland Willing Workers, top and pants; Carley Bevry, Paris Happy Workers, dress.

Mabel Kessler Award (sewing) — Carley Bevry,  Paris Happy Workers.

Photography and computers — Rachel Vanderwerff,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers,  enlargement; Nathan Boyle,  Bristol Challenge, computer game; Ashley Dabbs, Wheatland Willing Workers, enlargement; Shane McNealy, Wheatland Willing Workers, computer floor plan; Katie Yarger, Paris Happy Workers, enlargement; Emily Roe,   Wheatland Willing Workers, favorite photo; Renee Rederer, Salem Pioneers, favorite photo; Elizabeth Fonk, Paris Happy Workers, enlargement.

State fair selected photos — Leah Halloway, P aris Happy Workers,  enlargement; Sarah Horton, Bristol Strivers, favorite photo; Lauryn Vanderwerff, Brighton Bombers/ Explorers, two photos.

Knitting and crocehting — Crystal Dowe,   Paris Happy Workers, knitted gray elephant; Breann Eaves,  Kenosha Clovers, knitted green frog.

Cultural arts — Jason Masloske Cross-State Clovers, poem; Carolyn Manring, The Mustangs, scrapbooking; Brianna Wolkoher, Brighton Bomber/Explorers, scrapbooking; Megan Busse, Somers Chargers, embroider wall hanging; Abbey Severt, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, quilt; Brenna Eaves, Kenosha Klovers, cross stitch; Sarah Sherman, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, decorated holiday ornaments; Amanda Thomas, Paris Happy Workers, basket; Angela Nevoso, Wheatland Willing Workers, blown glass poster; Crystal Dowe, Paris Happy Workers, macramé hangers; Heather Edmonds, Wheatland Willing Workers, shell necklace; Rebecca Teblier, Girl Scouts, hand-built ceramics; Kiesha Berry, Girl Scouts, house painting, Jed Babinee,  Kenosha Clovers, pen and ink picture; Samantha Klugiewicz,  Salem Pioneers, bird made of leaves; Seth Kopczynski, Bristol Challeng,  tied knots; Stephanie Blazich,  Bristol Strivers,  painting of a girl’s face; Joseph Walsh, Brighton Bombers/Explorers, wood burning apple.

Fishing — Monica Dale, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, casting contest; Andreanna Follensbee,  Bristol Challenge,  casting contest.

Dog — Michele Belmont,  Paris Happy Workers, beginner dog obediance; Jessica Bonner, Cross-State Clovers, beginner dog obedience; Mackenzie Bevry,  Paris Happy Workers, beginner dog obedience; Sophie Calzevera,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers,  dog showmanship; Christy Schneckloth,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers, dog showmanship; Emma Calzevera,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers, dog showmanship; Megan Zeisman,  Brighton Bombers/Explorers, dog showmanship; Haley Peterson,  Bristol Strivers, dog showmanship; Lisa Hufnagle, Salem Pioneers, outstanding attitude; Samantha Klugeiwicz, Salem Pioneers, exceptional handling.


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