What do you think of Ryan on health care?

paul-ryanWord is that a pretty good crowd showed up for U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s listening session in Paddock Lake Wednesday.

I was not able to make it due to a family commitment, but I bet some of you did. What did you think of what you heard on the congressman’s views on the topic of the hour — health care reform? I encourage you to leave a comment to this post.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering just what the congressman thinks should be done on the topic of health care reform, click here.



  1. BBG says:

    There’s a reason Paul is getting standing ovations even coming into the meetings. People know he is telling them the TRUTH. Something in short supply from most of the Obamacare loving press.

  2. Jan Ours says:

    The crowd at the Town Meeting at Paddock Lake was a capacity crowd. People had started gathering outside the Town Hall around 11 AM that morning. The room was filled to the maximum with at least a dozen people in the hallway and about that many listening at the windows.

    Congressman Ryan was prompt, and slightly amazed at the size of the crowd. The Congressman ask that the crowd remember that everyone was entitled to their opinion, even if it differed from his or anyone else. He also asked that everyone be courteous of each other.

    He gave a brief summarization of the current bill (number 3200) that is currently in committee at the House. He then gave is viewpoint on the bill, as well as a brief statement about a counter bill he had submitted in May of 2009 (A summary of that bill had been handed out to all attending the meeting before it had started). He then opened up the meeting to Questions.

    The crowd at large was very anxious to ask questions on varying topics, especially on the healthcare bill. Congressman Ryan tried to answer to the best of his ability each question, and when he could not answer a question he had a referral to whom might be able to answer it. (Happened only on 1 of the many asked.)

    He took at least a dozen questions on everything from why there was a freeze on Social Security Benefits without a freeze on Medicare Payments by Social Security Recipients, to What was being done to assist those who had lost or were going to lose their jobs with the various car manufactures leaving the area.

    All in all Mr. Ryan showed that he genuinely cared about those of this area, and was willing to listen to what they had to say.

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