Paddock Lake bans future fireworks sales

Note: An earlier version of this story said Trustee Karen Harris voted against the ban; she voted for it.
Fireworks will no longer be sold in Paddock Lake. The board passed the ban Wednesday despite a plea from one of the local vendors.

“We’ve been selling fireworks for years.  I pass all the inspections.  I sell fireworks for 2 weeks to pay my taxes, and you are booting me out,” voiced Darrell Highland, former owner of the Paddock Lake Sporting Goods. Highland sold his business, but still owns the property which is where he sets up his fireworks tent.sparkler-mf-singhajaykr25-300x20011

The banning of fireworks has been discussed at previous meetings with no action taken. Serious consideration was given to prohibiting this year’s sales. However, the board opted to allow the sales provided all safety measures were followed.

President Marlene Goodson reported that two of the three applicants had “severe violations.”

One vendor was found to not have sufficient fire extinguishers out when an inspector visited, though the extinguishers were on site. The other was using a faulty ground fault circuit interrupter for electric power, but was reluctant to have a repair made, building inspector Tim Popanda reported at the July meeting.

“To punish me for something others did is crazy,” Highland argued.

Trustee Chris Bucko  asked, “How do you allow one to stay and make the others go away? They can still come here.”

The sale of  fireworks is illegal in Wisconsin Trustee Terry Burns again noted.
“If it was legal I would have no problem, but it doesn’t make any sense to allow an illegal product,” Burns said

Only novelty fireworks were sold in the village, such as sparklers, snakes and sidewalk poppers.  Explosives weren’t sold, such as bottle rockets and firecrackers.
Going green

Christenson reported on several plans in the works for a greener Paddock Lake.

“Going green won’t cost the village a dime, and will save our landfills,” she said.

Ideas discussed include a Green Day expo, where methods to recycle can be demonstrated. She also contaced Central High School and suggested that the arts department have a contest for students to design a Green Paddock Lake logo.



  1. Karen Harris says:

    Im sorry to say but Ms. Jahnke is wrong in her article on Fireworks!!!! I voted yes to ban fireworks Im not sure why she put the other. I would truely like fireworks banned, if you have any questions it is in our minutes at village hall
    Karen Harris

  2. Karen Harris says:

    Thank you for making the change and making it correct

  3. Bravo, I think this is a brilliant idea

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