Village warning about pavement scam

Photo by mensatic via

Photo by mensatic via

Paddock Lake is warning people about a scam that a resident reported to the village this week.

According to the village website:

“… ┬áThe scam goes like this: A contractor pulls into a driveway, honks horn until resident responds. They then make the sales pitch of paving the resident’s driveway for a low price, but only if the contractors crew can start right away and payment is also immediate. If you are approached by contractors that you do not know or have not contracted. DO NOT give them your money with out first investigating!”

Sgt. Gil Benn, Sheriff’s Department┬áspokesman, said such schemes are not unknown.

“This is nothing new for the summer months,” Benn said. “If a gypsy crew comes in, they hit an area and leave right away.”

In a column Benn wrote on the topic he advised:

“Be a little suspicious if a contractor arrives at your door unannounced and unsolicited. Consider using a reputable local business for contract work. If you are asked to make a down payment, make sure you have a signed contract. Always request a “start” date and “completion” date be part of that contract. If you are asked to pay for materials in advance, ask to go with your contractor to select the materials and have them delivered to your home. This way your money won’t be used to pay off some other debt, or finish someone else’s job. Depending on the situation, a violation could mean criminal action, civil action, or both.


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