Daily crow: Don’t forget to go commercial

fair-pig2-09In the 17 years I have lived in Kenosha County I have spent a lot of time at the Kenosha County Fair in Wilmot.

And during that time spent at the fair, most of it has been inside the Commercial Building. (I have worked for companies that were Comemrcial Building regulars.)

The Commercial Building at the fair hosts a wide variety of booths from the strictly  commercial to the more philosophical. Through the years I have seen booths from law enforcement, political parties, builders, media, sellers of all types of merchandise and even cooking demonstrations. If for no other reason, a trip or two or three through the Commercial Building is worthwhile because many of them have fun stuff to give away too.

There are always some mainstays that you see year after year. But there is almost always something new to see too.

We’re sure of at least one new exhibitor this year — West of the I. Please come out and share your thoughts about the site or perhaps what you’d like to see us follow in the future. We’d love to share our knowledge of the fair or connect you with one of our sponsors for the goods and services you need.

The fair this year runs from Aug. 19 to Aug. 23.

View Kenosha County Fair Commercial Building in a larger map

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