New Twin Lakes weed ordinance will give just one notice

Photo by marykbaird via

Photo by marykbaird via

Twin Lakes property owners who let their lots get overgrown with weeds or grass may get just one notice about the need to clear their lots under a pending revision of a village ordinance.

Since last month, the Village Board has been considering changes to the village ordinance covering noxious weeds and overgrown grasses. After more discussion this week, new provisions of the law include:

  • A maximum height of 12 inches for weeds, grasses “or othe r rank growth of vegetation.”
  • An exception for owners of vacant property in excess of one acre. However the owner of the large property must maintain a 25-foot buffer between any adjacent improved lot.
  • An exception may also be made for grasses and vegetation planted and maintained as part of a defined landscaping plan.

Under the revised ordinance the village will not have to make repeated notices of the need to cut the vegetation, said David Cox, village administrator.

“We only have to tell you once a year to mow,” Cox said. Subsequent needed mowings can just be undertaken by the village and billed to the property owner.

Repeat violators also would risk receiving a ticket as a further penalty, Cox  said.

“This is basically going after properties that are unkempt,” Cox said.

The ordiance should receive a final vote after a few more refinements at a future Village Board meeting.


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