Silver Lake president calls on anonymous critics to show up

Silver Lake Village President Roger Johnson tonight called on critics who have been writing anonymous letters criticizing the village government to make themselves known and maybe even show up at village meetings.

Specifically, Johnson was addressing recent letters criticizing the village regarding a group home and purchase of a lawnmower. In his words:

Note: We are going to request copies of the letters Johnson referred to in this video with the idea of posting them I was going to post these letters, but that’s problematic after seeing them. There are potentially libelous statements in the letters beyond our capacity to investigate. It will have to suffice to say that one letter is critical of the village goverrnment’s tolerance for a group home for boys in the village, which the letter writer sees as a “constant disruption in our school system.” The other letter is more wide ranging, but focuses on the lawnmower mentioned in Johnson’s remarks, along with charges of cronyism and wasteful spending.



  1. silverlakerez says:

    “The money for the lawnmower is not coming from taxpayer’s money. It came out of the sewer treatment plant budget. Which has nothing to do with taxpayer money.”

    Where does the sewer treatment plant money come from? Do does it grow on trees? NO! It comes out of taxpayers’ pockets. And they want to raise our sewer fees, because it’s not taxes …

    And then to bitch about anonymous letters. Of course people in the village don’t want to sign their name, letters will be distributed by village board members bashing the person who wrote these letters, just look at what happened to Ron Francis when he ran against one of the “good ol’ boys.”

  2. soontobesilverlaker says:

    Wow….I am in the procees of moving to Silver Lake from Racine to get away from the crime, political climate / bickering, bad areas of town, etc., etc. etc. I just want you all realize how refrshing it is to read about someones concern for where the money came from to buy a lawnmower…..comparitivley speaking, “how cool is that”….or that “village goverrnment’s tolerance for a group home for boys in the village”….maybe stop and think if there were no tolerance for a “home for boys” then that in itself might cause even more cause for concern….(?) Take a look at and drive buy any big city high school and you will be thankfull that there is a place “for boys” to go in Silver Lake…

    Another thing I hope all you nay-sayers realize is how good you have it and how fortunate you are to live is such an “Up North” like town. I wonder how you would feel if you spent a few days (and nights) in one of the rougher neigborhoods in Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, …. you pick the (big) city)….your concern would chnage fast as to how you were going to just stay alive….

    Like I said, I am a soon to be resdident of Silver Lake, but have already found time to attend one meeting and was shocked at the lack of attendence, (and plan on attending a lot more once I am living there), so I cannot speak form actual experiance with the “good ol’ boys.” And I will admit to knowing nothing about… “what happened to Ron Francis when he ran against one of the “good ol’ boys.” All I am saying is take a look around you…then take a drive through any bad neighborhood in any big city USA, and maybe thank God that all you have to worry about is where the money came form to buy a lawn mower…

    nuff said….

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