Day 5 results State Major Baseball Tournament

baseball1-mf-penywisePlay in the 2009 Little League Wisconsin State Major Baseball Tournament at Brightondale Ball Park continued Wednesday night.

Here are the night’s results:

District 6 (Franklin area) Franklin National 5
District 5 (Wausau area) Wausau Northern 4

District 4 (Madison area) West Madison American 12
District 3 (Eau Claire area) Lowes Creek 2

District 1 (Milwaukee North and West suburbs) Glendale 4
District 2 (Appleton area) Appleton Lions Division 3

This was the last night of round robin play. Here’s how the standings ended up:

Dist. 4 West Madison American 5-0

Dist. 3 Lowes Creek-Eau Claire 3-2

Dist. 1 Glendale 3-2

Dist. 6 Franklin National 3-2

Dist. 2 Appleton Lions Division 1-4

Dist. 5 Wausau Northern 0-5

Based on the round robin play, here are the match-ups for the semi-finals Thursday night.

West Madison American vs Franklin National

Glendale vs Lowes Creek

Both games will start at 5:30 p.m.

We plan to be out to shoot photos and video at both games. Check back tomorrow for coverage.

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