Paddock Lake Village Board fails again to fill trustee slot

pl-logo-300x18011The Paddock Lake Village Board again failed to fill the trustee seat vacated when Marlene Goodson assumed the post of president.

Ironically, the way the nomination failed illustrates the peril of not filling the seat.

Goodson, for the second time, nominated Glenda Morey to fill her seat. The motion was seconded by Trustee Joe Riesselmann. Village ordinances call for open board seats to be filled by a nomination by the president confirmed by the board.

Voting for Morey were Goodson, Riesselmann and Trustee Terry Burns.

Voting against were Trustee Chris Bucko, Karen Harris and Kathy Christenson.

Morey has been Goodson’s choice for the seat since May. Initially the nomination was held up because Goodson said it would not receive a second. In June, Goodson made the nomination and Bucko seconded it, but Morey’s appointment was defeated 4 to 1. Afterwards, the board agreed to take letters from interested candidates and conduct interviews. Those took place last Wednesday.

After Wednesday’s meeting Goodson said she will not make another nomination.

“No, we’re done,” Goodson said.

Instead the seat will be filled in April through election.

With only six members, more ties votes on future issues will be possible.


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