Not nuts over the Aquanuts

Neighbors of the Powers Lake Pier are asking the Town of Randall to rein in the Twin Lakes Aquanuts for an explanation before the water skiing troupe performs a private party water show on August 2.

For 37 years, the Aquanuts have entertained crowds at Lance Park with pyramid displays and other water stunts.

But the decision to perform off the Powers Lake Pier have some residents concerned about the impact on lake use. An unanswered letter led Paul DeMichele to petition the Randall Town Board for help Thursday night.

“I have attended to the water ski shows in Twin Lakes, but I live adjacent to this property of the proposed show and I don’t want this to take place in my front yard,” he said. “We are all concerned about conditions that might infringe on our property and on our guests.”

Questions on hours of operation including set-up, rehearsal and clean-up have been ignored by the Town of Bloomfield, said DeMichele.

“We don’t know if they will put restrictions on ours or our neighbors piers, which pier will be used, and how long this will occur,” he said. “We don’t even know who the responsible party for this show is.”

Chairperson Bob Stoll and Supervisor Ken Mangold will meet with Town of Bloomfield officials and a representative of the Aquanuts to resolve the issues prior to the show.


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