Almost $13 million in flood damage here so far


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What kind of damage did the recent flooding cause? Here’s the latest estimates from the county:

$11,975,000 in estimated private sector damages based upon 1, 202 homes and businesses that were flooded.

$847,934 in estimated public sector damages broken down as follows:

  • $21,900 in debris clearance.
  • $57,000 in protective measures.
  • $264,559 in road systems.
  • $110,000 in water control facilities.
  • $18,000 in public buildings and related equipment.
  • $285,475 in public utility systems.
  • $91,000 in other damages.

Residents that have not yet contacted Kenosha County Emergency Management with storm or flood damages are asked to either e-mail them at or call their Damage Hotline at 605-7926 or 605-7928 to report their flood/storm damages.

Information needed is: Name, address, phone number, municipality, whether they are insured, how much water/sewage they had and whether it was on the first floor or in the basement.

Additional info is here.


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