Reports of Pit Bull Maulings in Silver Lake

While many Silver Lake residents are dog lovers, several appeared at the Village Board Meeting because they are tired of seeing a dangerous pit bull roaming their neighborhood.

According to Police Chief Dan Kingsley, a citizen complained of a pit bull living at 318 East North Street who had attacked a couple of dogs over the course of seven months.

“He didn’t have a lot of info, some may be rumored but he did say that this dog attacked another animal. Unfortunately, the people did not come forward to register a complaint or we could have done something earlier,” said Kingsley. “We have since had additional complaints about this dog attacking other dogs.”

After the first attack, the dog’s owner stated that he would be euthanizing the dog; but months later, the dog is still alive. He has also taken in another dog that has allegedly participated in other attacks.

While Kingsley admitted that no human bites have been reported, many residents area concerned that the dogs will attack one of the children in the neighborhood.

“The dog is not current on his shots and he is not licensed and that is a big concern for us,” said Kinglsey. “He is rumored to have attacked and killed another dog in Las Vegas before coming here. I have given him a ten day warning on the licensing and he has not applied at this point.”

An additional concern is that the dog’s owner lives in an uninsured home owned by his mother. Kingsley spoke with the homeowner and explained the seriousness of the situation to her if someone were to become injured by the dog.

“She is fully aware of the situation and is working on possibilities of rescue for the dog,” said Kingsley. “We have also talked about compliance with things such as tensile strength of a chain and having the dog muzzled.”

If the owner does not comply with requirements, the board will seek to have a judge rule on the possibility of impounding the animal.


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  1. juddie brandes says:

    I am writing about the pitbull mauling’s in Silver Lake written by Karen Mahoney. It would be good if this reporter would have had her facts straight before this news story was posted. There are several inaccurate statements in her story that have only made a bad situation worse.

    The attack which was not reported happened on Sunday June 7, 2009 not “months ago” as reported in this story. The pit Milo (my son’s dog) attacked Cubbie (my nephew’s dog) in Silver Lake. Cubbie had to have stitches on the back of his neck and fortunately has recovered from the attack.

    Another inaccurate statement that my house on 318 North st. is uninsured…it certainly is insured and never has been “uninsured” as reported in her story.

    Another inaccurate statement the “he has taken in another dog that has allegedly participated in other attacks”. The other dog is Jetta a border collie that he has had for 4 years since she was a pup and was raised with Milo without any injuries to her.

    Since you have started Westofthei I have really enjoyed the news and have recommended the site to many people…even friends and family that live out of state. It sure was disappointing to know that news can be posted in West of the i that is inaccurate and also makes me wonder how accurate all of the articles are.

    Juddie Brandes

    I have a letter from westosha vet hospital stating:

    milo brandes a male nuetered pit bull shows no aggression towards adult or children. He is only aggressive towards some other dogs. There is no known correlation between aggression towards people vs. dogs.

    I was unable to attach this statement to this comment.


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