Paddock Lake will fill the trustee vacancy – soon

Paddock Lake residents will see a trustee sitting in the vacant seat, but not yet.

pl-logo-300x18011President Marlene Goodson made a motion Wednesday night, at the monthly village board meeting, to appoint Glenda Morey to the position created by Goodson when she was voted in as president last April. That motion received a second from Trustee Chris Bucko. When asked if there was any discussion before the vote, Trustee Terry Burns made a motion to amend the one on the floor.

Burns’ motion, in part, stated that the Village of Paddock Lake Board will accept letters from anyone interested in the position. The board will interview each and select the person to take the seat.

As Burns continued, Village Attorney Jeffrey Davison referred to a village ordinance that states only the president can make a nomination. Burns could make the motion, Davison said, however, “You have to change the ordinance if you want to change the procedure.”

But first, Davison said, the motion made by Goodson had to be acted on. The motion to appoint Morey failed 4-1 with Goodson casting the lone vote.

The main reason for the trustees voting no was they all wanted everyone who is interested in the position to be able to apply for it.

“It is more reflective of fairness, to appoint one sole applicant, knowing that other applicants are seeking the position,” Burns said.

Goodson noted that Morey did not approach her for the position, Goodson made the choice. She chose Morey because she attends meetings and shows interest in the village.

Trustee Kathy Christensen said, “Just because they’re not at a meeting, it does not mean they don’t read minutes and not know what is going on.”

Burns added, “It’s not the proper way to handle it. I do respect the way Marlene did it. I’m trying to stir the pot, trying to get some mutual understanding between the board to move forward in a positive direction.”

After nearly an hour of discussion, the board decided not to alter the ordinance. Burns made a motion to accept letters of intent for the current trustee vacancy until 5 p.m. June 30. The board will call a special meeting within 10 business days to interview potential candidates. After discussing who would be the perfect candidate, the final approval would be an appointment by Goodson.




  1. E Anderson says:

    It sounds like the Village has dictator ordinances. Just the way Goodson likes them. I can not believe how many people forgot what it was like to have Her on the board. Goodson has made her views clear that she only wants those who SHE picks. And another thing … as for the past pres. wanting to serve on a committee … Goodson said he was “voted out”…Yes as Pres. That man has been a good public servant if he was willing to serve why wouldn’t she want his experience? There were people who voted for him.. The ones who remember how it was when Goodson was on the board in the past! See people can read the minutes!!!!!!

  2. E Anderson says:

    Morey was encouraged to submit a letter of intent. Her response was, “I wouldn’t bother.”
    There you are Goodson …. THIS would have been your choice to serve the village Hmmm she doesn’t even want to submit a letter. Makes sense to me…NOT.

  3. Glenda Morey says:

    My response to the question was in fact, that “I would consider it.” Someone else in the gallery made the other statement. I submitted a request for this to be corrected yesterday.

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