Paddock Lake trustee seat remains vacant

pl-logo-300x1801It appears the vacant Paddock Lake trustee seat created when Marlene Goodson was elected president will remain empty until the April 2010 election.

The Committee of the Whole met Monday night with Glenda Morey, who has voiced interest in the position. Goodson recommended to either appoint Morey to the seat or wait until the April election to allow voters decide. Some trustees wanted an opportunity to interview other potential appointees.

Trustee Chris Bucko asked Morey what interested her in becoming a trustee. Morey said she pays attention to what is going on in the village. “It’s good to be involved in your community. It is something I would have considered down the road, but the opportunity is here.”

Morey feels with many residents unemployed, the village will be faced with a lot of lost revenue. “We need to focus on the residents and try to find the best way to go pro active,” she added.

When other trustees were asked to interview Morey, Trustee Terry Burns commented, “Basically, I concluded that by not opening this up to all residents, I do not want to approach (the issue).” Trustees Karen Harris and Kathy Christenson concurred.

After a lot of heated discussions and hard feelings voiced in past meetings, the board is ready to move ahead with appointed committee chairmen and assignments. When Goodson attempted to change some committees at the May 20 Village Board meeting, her proposal was voted down due to a lack of a second motion.

When the motions failed, according to the village bylaws, all the committee’s ceased, and all  power reverted to the president, which has never happened in the history of Paddock Lake.

According to Village Attorney Jeffrey Davison, the village is regulated to conduct all business through the Committee of the Whole process. As president, Goodson becomes chairman of this committee, and all activities which would have otherwise been assigned to and discussed in a committee, were processed through the Committee of the Whole.

The committee assignments that will go before the Village Board at its Wednesday, June 17, meeting are:

Building and Grounds – Terry Burns, Chris Bucko, Kathy Christenson.

Finance – Marlene Goodson, Terry Burns, Joe Riesselmann, Kathy Christenson.

Judiciary & License – Terry Bruns, Chris Bucko, Kathy Christenson.

Police & Fire – Chris Bucko, Terry Burns, Karen Harris.

Public Works – Joe Riesselmann, Marlene Goodson, Terry Burns.

Welfare & Recycling – Kathy Christenson, Karen Harris, Marlene Goodson.

Former Village President David Buehn submitted a letter expressing interest to sit on the planning commission. Goodson said she would not consider his appointment. “He was voted out.”

Burns questioned Goodson’s response. “You would not consider Mr. Buehn because he was voted out as president, you do not think he would be an asset as planning commissioner?”

“No, I do not. We are bringing in qualified people who bring in a different perspective,” Goodson said.


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  1. E Anderson says:

    Typical Goodson!! Dave in your opinion was voted “out” but people did vote for him. Dave would be an asset on any Village Committe.

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