Sausages visit to honor retiring Paris teachers

smith-field-signParis School had some long, tall — and in theory tasty — visitors today.

On the last day of classes, the Klement’s Racing Sausages showed up to help celebrate the retirement of three Paris teachers:

  • Judy Folkers 23 years.
  • Carol Smith 26 years (a Paris alumnus).
  • Clint Bennett 31 years (which is long enough to have been administrator Roger Gahart’s middle school science teacher when he attended Paris).

That’s a lot of experience.

In addition to the sausage festivities, the school’s baseball field was renamed in honor of Smith, a big Brewers fan.

“I absolutely love it,” Smith said of the honor. “What an honor.”

Here’s some video of the sausages’ entrance, their race around Mrs. Smith Field, and lastly posing with Folkers, Smith and Bennett.

The students seemed surprised by their visitors. Gahart kept it pretty cool with his nondescript announcement just before for teachers to bring their classes outside to the playground for a “brief meeting.”

A lot of high fives ensued, but it didn’t take long before students started chanting “sausage race, sausage race.” And the sausages complied with a run around Mrs. Smith Field.

Oh and why no Italian sausage?

“The suit needed a good cleaning,” Gahart said.


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