Reaction to the Paris referendum

paris-signcropHere’s some reaction to today’s passing of a tax levy referendum in the Paris School District, which likely staved off the dissolution of the district after the 2009-10 school year.

Beth LaBell, Yes Committee leader 

On what turned the tide: “We had a small group of people that worked hard. We talked to people; we went door to door. I think that’s what made the difference.”

On the meaning of the results: “This was all about the community coming together for a cause.”

On the impact of the dissolution of the district: “We really fought an uphill battle with the dissolution. The first time around, people didn’t think it would happen.” Note: The School Board voted on April 15 to formally consider dissolution of the district. The final dissolution resolution would have come in July if Tuesday’s referendum had not passed, board members had said.

On indecision in the community: “People were deciding until the last minute.”

Mike Cavalenes, No Vote advocate

On the vote swing from the last referendum to this one: “I’m a little amazed by this. Did people vote yes because they supported the School Board or because they were scared the school was going to close?”

On the  aftermath: “How do you put the community back together when you’ve scared people into passing” the referendum?

On the Yes Committee: “I think they did a great job…”

Will he continue to be involved in school district issues?: “I’m going to try to hold their feet to the fire … There is still a financial problem … I’m going to be watching them and watching the numbers.”

On the School Board: “I would hope they will try to reach out to the no voters.”


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  1. Bob Brown says:

    Mike has part of his story wrong, the school board didn’t scare the people into passing the referendum. The school board was telling the truth 100% of the time! I hope he sees this and knows that many feel this way too!

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