Paris School voters say ‘yes’


UPDATE: The Paris School District referendum has passed in an impressive turnaround from April’s trouncing of a similar question.

Vote totals:

525 yes

324 no

Paris totals:

466 yes

274 no

Bristol totals:

59 yes

50 no

Some of the Paris School district lies in Bristol, some in Kenosha but most of it is in Paris. The above totals represent the Bristol and Kenosha votes, which were all cast at Bristol Town Hall.

There were 172 more voters this time around.

The referendum allows the district to tax to exceed its revenue limit for the next three school years for amounts ranging from $435,000 to $585,000.

The School Board had started the process to dissolve the district if the referendum did not pass this time.



  1. Paris Parent says:

    The residents have done their part, now it’s time for the school board and teachers to step up. School board, it’s time to make up for your past mistakes and act like this money is coming out of your checkbook, not ours. Please put policies in place that have you dealing with shortfalls when you start to dip into your reserve, not when it’s almost gone.

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