Silver Lake seeking solution to overgrown yard


This property at 613 Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake, has been vacant since last summer, according to a neighbor.

A resident who came to the Silver Lake Village Board to complain about long grass at a vacant home next to his got a chance to air his concern, but had to wait for a definitive solution.

Nathan Eide, who lives on Cogswell Drive, came to ask what the village could do about the overgrown yard at 613 Cogswell Drive. Coincidentally, the condition of the property was already on the meeting agenda for discussion.

The home is in foreclosure. The owner of the home is wanted by police and has fled the village, building inspector Royce Kennedy said. 

Village officials were sympathetic to Eide’s plight. But village President Roger Johnson said he needed a day or two more to be able to say how the village will address the problem.

“We will get it cleaned up, trust me,” Johnson said to Eide. “We’ll keep it cleaned up as best we can.”

After the meeting Eide said he was not satisfied with the lack of specifics, but that he would wait to see what the village does propose.


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