Wilmot could see big insurance savings

Photo by drummerboy via morgueFile.com


Photo by drummerboy via morgueFile.com

The Wilmot High School District stands to save almost $300,000 for the coming school year if it can convince teachers to accept a new health insurance carrier.

The lower quote was the result of the west of the I school districts jointly seeking quotes for health insurance. Though the co-op of districts dissolved, the carrier offering the best prices — the Wisconsin Counties Association — agreed to honor the prices for Wilmot, if they are interested.

The district could chose to implement the carrier change for just non-represented staff, which would save about $87,000, said district administrator William Heitman at Tuesday night’s board meeting. Savings for the teachers group, who are represented by the Wisconsin Education Association, would be $212,000, but the union would have to agree to the change.

The figures represented “a significant cost savings,” Heitman told the board.

The bids were solicited with the condition that the plan exactly match the current plan, so there would be no loss in services, Heitman said.

The WEA local is aware the change would represent savings.

The WCA agreed to honor the quotes through Dec. 31, 2009, Heitman said.

Administration may make a recommendation to the board on insurance at the June meeting.


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  1. J Kerkman says:

    don’t do it – that insurance is NOT comparable to WEA and WEA has a lower rate of change each year than any insurance company around, in the long run there won’t be the savings they are trying to get taxpayers to believe!

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