State says UW-Parkside teacher program lacking

parkside-logoUW-Parkside’s teacher education program has run afoul of some serious criticism from the state Department of Instruction.

Says the Associated Press:

The DPI said the program has “serious deficiencies” and does not meet many state standards. The department warned the school must fix the problems soon or it will no longer sanction the program, which would mean graduates would no longer qualify for Wisconsin teaching licenses.

The program’s director, Kelly McFatter has resigned effective the end of May, the AP said.¬†

Interim Chancellor Lane Earns issued this statement on how the university is dealing with the DPI report.

“”Let me reiterate: UW-Parkside is committed to correcting the concerns raised in the DPI report; to making Teacher Education one of the strengths of our campus; and to preparing knowledgeable educators to shape the future of our local communities and the state of Wisconsin,” Earns said.


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