Wilmot HS aiming to use less paper

Photo by chodra via morgueFile.com

Photo by chodra via morgueFile.com

 Wilmot High School may be going green by September.

The district is planning to leave most paper behind and in the process, help to save trees and necessary funds. At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Principal Chris Trottier outlined a plan to become more fiscally responsible and efficient by eliminating most bulk mailings.

“We already have a web page and an email system and a program for family access,” explained Trottier. “So the possibilities are endless by sending out PDF files.”

With an estimated savings of $13,000 by eliminating newsletter mailings, report cards, and other correspondence, board members will be voting on the electronic mailings at their next meeting.

If approved, the district’s newsletter will be mailed out to the school community one more time over the summer, before going paperless.

“We will print newsletters as needed because not everyone has access to email,” said Trottier, “But already 80 percent of our parents are receiving email correspondence as well as duplicate bulk mailings.”

School Board Vice President Wayne Trongeau suggested that the electronic system might exclude parents from viewing report cards, but Trottier explained that students often reach the mailbox before their parents.

“Parents have passwords to enter the sites and we keep a log when the page is accessed, so parents will probably have better chance to see the report cards than they do now,” he said.

Going paperless in the classroom and utilizing computer based forms rather than worksheets are a possibility.

“But we are taking baby steps,” said Trottier.


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