New recycling for Silver Lake explained

The possible new recycling containers for Silver Lake come in 99-, 65- and 35-gallon sizes.

The possible new recycling containers for Silver Lake come in 99-, 65- and 35-gallon sizes.

Silver Lake residents seem headed for some changes in how their recyclable garbage is collected.

The Village Board Wednesday heard a presentation from garbage contractor Veolia Environmental about a proposal for changing recyclable containers and the frequency of collection in Silver Lake.

Under the program — explained by company representative George Devries — each village household would choose from three sizes of wheeled containers for their recyclables. The containers are available at Village Hall for inspection and come in 99-, 63- and 35-gallon sizes. 

Those containers then would be emptied every other week, Devries explained. All recyclable materials would be combined in the one container.

Currently the village uses open bins about five times smaller than the largest wheeled container for recyclables.

The new program has several advantages including fewer trucks on the road, less wear on village streets and increased participation in the program with a intermingled container, Devries said. 

“There is a cost reduction in there for the village too, which is the thing that usually makes village boards happy,” Devries said. He estimated the village will save 30 cents per unit per month.

If adopted, the program would likely start in the fall, to give people time to get used to the new receptacles before there is snow on the ground. People who have physical reasons for preferring the current smaller containers could continue to use them, Devries said. The new containers will be able to be emptied with an automated system on the collection truck.

Village President Roger Johnson directed Devries to prepare documents the board could consider to implement the program formally.

Johnson also said he plans to have the containers placed around the village in different locations like the Post Office and prominent businesses so people can get a look at them to decide which size they want. If they do not choose, they will get the largest size, Devries said.


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