Parents gather to preserve programs, extracurriculars

salem-signAbout 40 people turned out at a meeting Tuesday at Salem School  held to energize people to support programs and extracurriculars that have been targeted for being cut from the Salem School District budget for the next school year.

“It’s really great to see so many people ,” said Kima Picchietti, one of the organizers of the effort. “We’re going to need you.”

The group heard information from Picchietti and district administrator David Milz about how a Booster Club could help, how the district would maintain authority over volunteer activities and some of the obstacles that might spring up along the way.

Milz said the issue will be discussed at a closed special School Board meeting Thursday. After that, he expects to be able to get the parent volunteers more detailed information about how to proceed.

“We have tons of ideas,” Milz said. “What are those things we can do and do well? We need to have early success on this…”

Milz said that a key point is that the organized volunteer effort to restore extracurriculars will be officially recognized by the district, so that school polices and rules – such as eligibility — will be retained.

“The school doesn’t want to give the impression to parents that we’re just going to dump this off,” Milz said.

Higher fees and creating a booster club were discussed as ways to fund the activities. A lot of parent participation also will be needed.

“If you want one of these programs for your kids, you’re going to have to help out,’ Picchietti said.

Those attending were given a list of activities that may need support. They were:

Academics and everyday needs — classroom volunteers — reading and math, special activities volunteers. library, lunchroom/playground, band and choir special events.

Extracurricular activities — art club, Battle of the Books, computer club, cup stacking, drama club, forensics, musical, pep club, student senate, tech ed club and yearbook.

Athletics — boys and girls softball, basketball and volleyball A and B teams, boys and girls track and cheerleading.

Those with ideas or interest in helping can contact Picchietti or Milz.


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